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We at Akatu believe in the transformative power of consumers.
Created in 2001, we are a non-profit organization and pioneer in what we do, developing actions to raise awareness and mobilize and engage society for conscious consumption; which we define as consumption that has minimum negative social environmental and economic impacts. Conscious consumption does not mean we should stop consuming, but rather that we should consume differently, without excess and waste.
We develop actions focused on changing consumer behavior on two main fronts: education and communication.
And our name expresses exactly what we wish to plant in our society:
Akatu meaning
Educate and communicate on a large scale, acting as an activist for a new way of thinking and behaving that leads people to adopt sustainable lifestyles reflected in the practice of conscious consumption and responsible production.
Work towards a well-being society in which all people see themselves as an interdependent part of life on this planet, leading them to care for and welcome life and humanity in all its diversity.
Contribute to the accelerated uptake of sustainable lifestyles through the transition towards a well-being society in which ways of living and models of production and consumption harmonize material well-being, environmental balance and social progress.
 Enchantment with purpose Knowledge sharing Responsibility Transparency Cooperation