Surveys, publications and tools
Since its foundation, Akatu has been investing in surveys and tools to gain insights into consumer behavior and awareness. A lot has changed since 2001: our surveys and publications monitor the uptake of conscious consumption habits in society and are key to guiding our actions and those of companies and governments taking the lead in building a more sustainable future.

To measure the effectiveness of our interventions, in 2003 we created the Conscious Consumer Test, a novel digital tool for assessing consumer awareness and comparing values and behaviors before and after our interventions.

23 surveys and publications

40,000 + people have done the Conscious Consumer Test

15,000 + company staff have used the Conscious Consumer Test

Using Akatu’s Conscious Consumer Test I was able to reflect much more about my own impact. It made me think about how I can compensate my own carbon emissions and reflect on the need to always travel by car, often alone.

Tomokazu Imamura
Supply Chain Coordinator, L’Oreal


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Get to know some of our surveys, publications and tools (in Portuguese):
Pesquisa Akatu 2018
Akatu Survey 2018: An Overview of Conscious Consumption in Brazil
The survey investigated level of consumer awareness and highlighted the challenges, drivers and barriers to the practice of conscious consumption
Estado do Mundo 2013
State of the World 2013: Is sustainability still possible?
Report published in partnership with the Worldwatch Institute Brasil featuring facts, figures, analyses and proposals for building a more sustainable world
Descobrindo o Consumidor Consciente uma nova visão da realidade brasileira
Discovering the Conscious Consumer – 2004
First survey to categorize Brazilian consumers according to their level of awareness of conscious consumption
Teste do Consumo Consciente
Conscious Consumer Test
Free digital tool created in 2003 to assess consumer awareness
Understanding the multiplying power and significant contribution corporate actors can make to sustainable development and the adoption of conscious consumption habits, one of Akatu’s aims is to act as a driver of more socially responsible corporate practices. By showing consumers’ desires and expectations, our surveys and publications on this theme provide companies with valuable insights and suggest pathways to corporate responsibility.

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Get to know some of our surveys, publications and tools (in Portuguese):
Economia Compartilhada
Listening to Sharing Economy Initiatives – 2015
This report produced in partnership with Columbia Business School and the CSCP analyzes business models and the barriers faced by companies in contributing to the enabling conditions for a sustainable sharing economy.
Sumário de Conclusões
The Brazilian Consumer and Sustainability – 2010
This survey is part of the series “Corporate Social Responsibility”, produced since 2001 in partnership Instituto Ethos to explore consumer values and opinions of sustainability, conscious consumption and corporate social responsibility.
Conscious consumption habits are directly linked to the desire to adopt more healthy and sustainable lifestyles. That is why Akatu undertakes surveys to gain a better understanding of what consumers think about more healthy and sustainable practices, what motivates and drives purchasing choices, the barriers to adopting conscious consumption habits, and how businesses and governments can facilitate uptake.

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Get to know some of our surveys, publications and tools (in Portuguese):
Pesquisa Vida Saudável e Sustentável com Globescan (2019)
Healthy and Sustainable Living Survey – 2010 and 2020
Undertaken in partnership with GlobeScan Brasil and Global, the survey maps consumer’s attitudes and trends in the adoption of healthy and sustainable practices, suggesting pathways to help companies enhance customer engagement.
Caminhos para Estilos Sustentáveis de Vida (2015)
Pathways to Sustainable Lifestyles – 2015
The survey aimed to identify the drivers of and barriers to the adoption of sustainable habits.
Estilos Sustentáveis de Vida
Sustainable Lifestyles: Findings of a Survey with Young Brazilians – 2009
Young people aged between 18 and 35 years were interviewed in this survey conducted in partnership with UNEP exploring the adoption of sustainable lifestyles among this group.