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Why conscious consumption
74% recursos
We are living in a time of environmental and social UNsustainability.
Every year we use 74% more resources than the planet is capable of regenerating.
At the same time, we are witnessing a rise in the number of people in consumer classes in emerging economies. Every year, more than 70 million people join the global mass market. This market is set to grow from 3.8 billion people today to 5.3 billion in 2030.
If the Earth cannot cope with human demand for natural resources today, imagine in 2030!
There will only be enough for all, forever, if everyone consumes only what they need to ensure their well-being. In other words, only if everyone practices
conscious consumption.

Conscious consumption is consuming to minimize impact; consuming differently, without excess or waste, so that there is enough, for everyone, forever.

The conscious consumer is an empowered individual. They understand that the act of consuming a product or service:

Is part of a broader context involving production, purchase and disposal
Can either have a positive or negative impact on themself, the environment, economy and society
More conscious consumers means more people making better choices and contributing to sustainable living on our planet.