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We want to take the conscious consumption cause to all types of audiences. To this end, we make an effort to be where they are. We believe that communication is a key tool for disseminating information about conscious consumption and sustainability. Akatu’s unique methodology is behind all our actions and campaigns, which are aired on a diverse range of platforms: social media, TV and offline media, among others.

We are also constantly working with the news media, playing an important role in bringing the issue of conscious consumption to the forefront, focusing on themes such as water, food, energy, clothes, the climate crisis and waste.

Since our foundation in 2001, we have worked with the country’s most creative minds to develop campaigns that highlight the importance of conscious consumption and show consumers paths to incorporating sustainable habits into their everyday routine.

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Showing the impacts of consumption makes it much easier to mobilize consumers to adopt sustainable and conscious behaviors. The Akatu Tips were created precisely to show these impacts in a straightforward and easy-to-understand manner using examples from everyday life.
We are continually producing content about conscious consumption and sustainability for our site, our partners’ websites, and columns and editorials in the news media.