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We believe in the power of consumers. We develop actions to raise awareness, mobilize and engage society for conscious consumption.

What is conscious consumption?

It is a consumption that has minimum negative social, environmental and economic impacts. Conscious consumption means we should consume differently, without excess and waste, so there will be enough for all, forever.
6 conscious consumption questions
Six conscious consumption questions
Meet the questions that will help you to reflect and make better choices day by day
15 paths to systainability
15 paths to sustainability
They will inspire you, civil society, businesses and governments to build a sustainable future
Biodiversidade importa
Biodiversidade importa!
Nossa existência e qualidade de vida dependem diretamente da natureza. Neste Dia do Meio Ambiente, entenda como hábitos individuais impactam o equilíbrio dessa relação.
Globo Repense
Akatu é parceiro da Rede Globo em campanha do Meio Ambiente
Emissora vai divulgar vídeos na programação e pílulas nas redes sociais para que o público possa refletir sobre o consumo consciente e a preservação da natureza.
The first online conscious consumption and sustainability learning platform in Brazil, designed for elementary and junior high school students and teachers.
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Last update: July 2022

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Last update: July 2022
Last update: July 2022