Talks and workshops
Akatu was created to raise public awareness of the importance of conscious consumption for sustainable living and the health of our planet and we have consolidated ourselves as Brazil’s leading organization working for this cause. We have given an annual average of 40 talks and workshops on conscious consumption in national and international events and company initiatives, addressing the following main themes:

Conscious consumption and sustainability
Consumer behavior and consumption trends
Conscious water consumption, energy and food and waste
Conscious consumption, money and credit

The following companies and organizations have hired Akatu:

Braskem Braskem Mcdonald's Mcdonalds Michelin Suvinil Suvinil Bradesco Bradesco Coca-Cola Coca-Cola Brasil Cargill Cargill Walmart Walmart Vivo Vivo HP hp Kraft Foods Kraft Foods KPMG KPMG Adidas Adidas Brasil Kirin
Participation in initiatives for sustainability:

Hight LevelUN High Level
Political Forum,
NY (2018)

Behavioural InsightsBehavioural Insights
– UN Environment
Conferência Nacional do Meio AmbienteNational Environment Conference — Solid Waste (2014)
Rio +20Rio +20
Conselho de Desenvolvimento Sustentável da ONUWorld Federation
of United Nations
Associations (2010)
Business plays a vital role in shifting consumer behavior towards the adoption of more sustainable lifestyles. We offer talks and workshops that help companies work to incorporate conscious consumption and sustainability into their processes and marketing, driven by more sustainable business models that respect the environment and provide well-being without casting aside prosperity. We address the following themes:

Sustainable consumption and production
Social responsibility
Circular economy
Product life cycle assessment (LCA)

The following companies have hired Akatu:

Votorantim Votorantim Porto Seguro Porto Seguro Dow Dow Flex C&A C&A Petrobrás Petrobrás Odebrecht Odebrecht Even Even GE GE Alcoa Alcoa Sadia Sadia GOL GOL Kimberly-Clark Kimberly-Clark Bunge Bunge Deloitte Brasil
Participation in initiatives for sustainability:
Reduce! Rethinking Circular EconomyReduce! Rethinking
Circular Economy —
Global Knowledge
Exchange on SDG 12 (2019)
Conferência EthosEthos 360º
Conference (2018)
Diálogos Transformadores Folha de S.Paulo‘Transformative Dialogues’ – Folha de S.Paulo
Mesa Redonda Consumo e Produção Sustentáveis PNUMARoundtable on Sustainable Consumption and Production – UNEP, Havana, Cuba (2015)
Fórum Econômico Mundial América LatinaWorld Economic Forum
on Latin America – Mexico
For almost two decades we have been conducting surveys to understand consumer attitudes and behaviors and the trend towards more healthy and sustainable lifestyles. These surveys show that helping consumers to make this shift is a huge opportunity for companies. We give talks and workshops to help companies who want to be at the forefront of this movement and develop strategies to build consumer confidence in their brands. Themes include:

Sustainable and healthy lifestyles
Guidelines for providing product sustainability information
Communication for sustainability

The following companies and organizations have hired Akatu:

L’Oreal L’Oreal Unilever Unilever Faber Castell Faber Castell Natura Natura Unimed Unimed Zara Zara Tetra Pak Tetra Pak Santander Santander Febraban Febraban Grupo Pão de Açúcar GPA Ultragás Ultragaz Fundação Procon Fundação Procon Amaggi Amaggi Gerdau Gerdau Deloitte Brasil
Participation in initiatives for sustainability:
Workshop Diretrizes para o Fornecimento de Atributos de Sustentabilidade dos Produtos PNUMA UNEP Workshop on Guidelines on
Providing Information on Product
Sustainability Attributes (2020)
Fashion Revolution DayFashion Revolution Day
(2020, 2018 and 2016)
Workshop Estilos Sustentáveis de Vida para o FuturoWorkshop The Future of Sustainable Lifestyles – Wuppertal Institute (2012)
Current patterns of consumption and production are the main drivers of the greenhouse gas emissions that cause the climate crisis. Through our talks and workshops, we encourage company staff and other audiences to reflect on the relation between their daily habits and global warming, helping them realize the power consumers have to change the world.
The following companies have hired Akatu:

Vale Vale Unilever Unilever HP hp Bradesco Bradesco Suzano Celulose ThyssenKrupp ThyssenKrupp Fundação Toyota Fundação Toyota Elektro Elektro Dow Dow Santander Santander KPMG KPMG Porto Seguro Porto Seguro Celesc Celesc Votorantim Votorantim Grupo Libra Grupo Libra

Participation in initiatives for sustainability:

COP 21United Nations Climate
Change Conference,
COP 21 (2015)
Conferência Internacional B4EThe B4E Global
Summit (2010)
The need to promote integrated, accessible, multi-model and low-impact urban mobility is directly related to the sustainable transport movement, which requires the engagement of society, business and the government. We address this theme creating pathways that help people make low-impact transport choices.
The following companies and organizations have hired Akatu:

Carrefour Carrefour Prefeitura de São Paulo Prefeitura de São Paulo Nestlé Nestlé
Participation in initiatives for sustainability:
Fórum Econômico MundialWorld Economic Forum (2015 and 2014)
Oficina Uso Consciente do CarroConscious Car Use Workshop (2012)
We believe that education is one of the most powerful tools for promoting new ways of living that value well-being for all over consumption and put sustainable development into practice. We have been developing education for sustainability projects for almost 20 years, enhancing awareness of concepts and guidelines and encouraging reflection through our talks, workshops and other activities. The aim is to help businesses, governments and schools to work towards building a more sustainable future.
The following companies have hired Akatu:

HP hp Kimberly-Clark Kimberly-Clark Bradesco Bradesco VR Braskem Braskem Dow Dow Porto Seguro Porto Seguro
Participation in initiatives for sustainability:
COP 214th UNESCO Symposium on the future of Education
for Sustainable Development (2018)
COP 21International Forum: ‘Finding Synergies and Building Bridges: Reorienting Education towards Sustainable Development, Sustainable Consumption and Global Citizenship’ – UNESCO, Costa Rica (2015)